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Oral Surgery for the Early Clinician
Presented by: Dr Andrew Thorpe
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Thu 25 Jul 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

ADA NSW 1st Year Graduate: $550.00
ADA NSW 2nd Year Graduate: $550.00

This series is only available to ADA NSW Members who are categorised as New Graduates


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Oral Surgery for the Early Clinician

Oral Surgery for the Early Clinician is the first session in this comprehensive program presented by Dr Andrew Thorpe, leading Oral Surgeon Specialist and a Clinical Lecturer in Oral Surgery at the University of Sydney.

A simple extraction ... until a root fracture.
This program aims to pick up where university finished for recent graduates by providing an increased confidence to approach surgical removal of teeth when required. 

A blend of theory and practical is important for success. The background of each procedure will be discussed, and then practiced on pig jowls. In addition, each surgical instrument will be explored to understand the appropriate way to hold and utilise your surgical instrument and succeed in the routine removal of teeth.

The focus will be on building confidence to safely approach a surgical removal of a tooth. To that end, participants will be guided through the basics of predictable suturing, predictable raising of flaps, predictable sectioning and predictable bone guttering.

Topics include

  • Practical exercises on pig jowel to Implement Into your clinic tomorrow
  • Management of the fractured root
  • Raising a mucoperiosteal flap, surgical tooth removal, suturing
  • Anticipation and Management of complications

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the surgical approach to tooth removal
  • Competency In the use of elevators and other surgical Instruments
  • Techniques for potential bone removal and tooth division
  • Predictable suturing
  • Understand the potential stumbling blocks and techniques to get through them

Other Information

The ADA NSW New Graduate Residency is a comprehensive program consisting of lectures, hands-on courses, and webinars. The ADA NSW New Graduate Residency series is only available to ADA NSW Members who are categorised as New Graduates - 1st Year graduates or 2nd year graduates prior to 31 July 2022.  Click here to review all of the New Graduate Residency courses and dates.


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Oral Surgery for the Early Clinician

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