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In the modern age of patients demanding more aesthetic and natural looking restorations, this two day course covers the use of ceramic restorations (porcelain veneers, onlays and crowns) from treatment planning to preparation and cementation. A thorough clinical assessment with comprehensive planning of the patient will be emphasised with the use of diagnostic waxups in the workup of anterior restorations. Understanding the principles of smile design and communicating with patients will be emphasised and allow the practitioner the confidence to plan cases predictably.

The myriad of different ceramics available will be discussed with their indications and alternative approaches to their implementation. Preparation and provisionalistion techniques will be practiced within an intensive hands-on workshop and participants will be expected to complete multiple preparation of porcelain veneers, onlays and crowns. 

With the evolution of different ceramics, it has made the area of cementation somewhat confusing with questions being asked… “do I need to cement this or should I bond this?” Different cementation techniques from conventional, self-adhesive to adhesive bonding will be explained and simplified with an outline when each technique is indicated. Participants will practice what is sometimes a stressful procedure, the adhesive cementation of veneers, with useful tips and hints that will make this less nerve wracking!

Learning Objectives

  • Know the indications and contra-indications to the all-ceramic restoration usage 

  • Perform a clinical examination and treatment plan for porcelain restorations 

  • Be familiar with different aesthetic materials 

  • Principles of smile design

  • Understand shade selection, optical properties of the different materials, and influence of stump shades on the final aesthetic outcomes 

  • The influence of the soft tissue aesthetics and the influence of gingival symmetry and harmony

  • Preparation guidelines for indirect aesthetic materials and different methods of gauging preparation depth

  • Provisional techniques as a preview to the final outcomes

  • Undertake cementation procedures, from try in of the ceramics to treating the fitting surfaces for adhesion

  • Finish and polish the restorations with the careful adjustment for occlusion and final aesthetics

  • Care, maintenance and management of any complications 

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All-Ceramic Crowns and Veneers in the Aesthetic Practice

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