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Filling the Gap

Filling the Gap aims to improve the health and quality of life of vulnerable people with poor oral health through the provision of pro bono dental treatment, education programs and advocacy. Our programs prioritise those most in need who are unable to access mainstream dental services, including asylum seekers and refugees, Indigenous Australians, and vulnerable people with complex and chronic health conditions. There are many ways of filling the gap in health care. We hope to fill the gap through dental aid programs for those most in need.

“My client’s confidence has sky rocketed and she will forever be grateful for the assistance after spending the last four years embarrassed to smile and experiencing pain and difficulty eating.” Anne Seward, Women’s Justice Network
“For the longest time, I've wanted to give something back to the community and the volunteer day was a great opportunity. There is a huge need for dental care out there and I am privileged to be able to offer my skills.” Dr Danneil Wood – volunteer.