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The modern management and conservative treatment of dental traumatic injuries is a skill underpinned by the clinician's knowledge and skill at placing well-sealed, biomimetic, invisible resin restorations.  The concept of responsible esthetics is echoed in this course through a review of preparation design through to occlusal control for long-lasting performance.  The course will progress from restoration of a Class IV using a stratified approach with GC Essentia and G-Aenial Anterior through to the placement of composite veneers with maverick effects in the afternoon.  There will be an opportunity for delegates to learn how to mask a dark tooth during the course of placing a composite veneer.

Topics include

  • Occlusion

  • Occlusal Design

  • Anterior Layering Fundamentals

  • Guided and freehand lingual shelf reconstruction of complex direct restorations

  • Esthetics

  • Anatomy

  • Staining techniques

  • Shading techniques

  • Finishing and Polishing techniques

  • Advanced anatomy and maverick effects

Learning Objectives

  • How to assess how and where to prepare to maximize adhesive longevity and aesthetic outcome in both Class IV and composite veneer cases.

  • Understand the concept behind creating custom shade tabs and the shade button technique

  • Learn two methods to block out and neutralize a dark tooth in composite veneer situations

  • Learn both putty-matrix guided and Mylar-freehand techniques in building esthetic restorations

  • Work with the various shade recipes to predictably reflect persons of varying ages.

  • Discover how and where to incorporate tinting to create maverick effects in the final direct restoration.

  • Review contouring protocols to achieve primary, secondary and tertiary anatomy before finishing and polishing to perfection.

Other Information

Course fees include a take home Hu-Friedy StyleSkulpt Kit worth $466 (RRP).

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Achieving Anterior Aesthetics

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