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Infection Prevention and Control - Still Achieving Best Practice
Presented by: Kylie Robb
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Wed 30 Oct 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

Non-Member: $648.00
ADA Member (non-NSW): $540.00
ADA NSW Member: $540.00
Dental Student: $432.00
Hygienist/OHT: $432.00
NSW Recent Grad: $432.00
Dental Team Member: $320.00

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Face-to-face, full day course

Endorsed and delivered by the ADA this course is for dental practitioners, dental practice team members, and industry and/or product representatives who require infection prevention and control (IPC) education that is specifically about the practice of dentistry in Australia. 

Delivered either face-to-face or live online this is a comprehensive and engaging course that aims to streamline and support dental practitioners to adhere to the Dental Board of Australia’s (DBA) Code of Conduct within the context of IPC.  

As the premier source of IPC education for the profession, ADA NSW IPC courses constantly evolve supporting thousands of practice team members across Australia to confidently manage IPC risk to protect the public. 
Now updated to reflect AS 5369:2023. 


Topics include

  • IPC* regulatory landscape and professional obligations for dental practitioners in Australia
  • Managing IPC risk to practise in a way that minimises the spread of infection 
  • Accountability for IPC in a dental setting to ensure good clinical outcomes
  • The required elements for the transmission of infection
  • The two-tiered approach to achieve successful IPC
  • Got a Moment? Getting hand hygiene under control
  • IPC as a brand strategy for quality dentistry
  • Managing Reprocessable Medical Devices (RMDs)
  • Clarify Dental Unit Water Line (DUWL) management protocols
  • *Infection Prevention and Control


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Australian professional, legal, and regulatory requirements for IPC
  • See how various business models in dentistry impact the strategic direction of IPC program objectives
  • Gain awareness of contemporary tools, documents, and resources to support practitioner self-reflection and good infection control
  • Learn about relevant risk management frameworks applicable to a dental setting 
  • Understand the conditions that foster the spread of infectious disease and learn how to ‘Break the Chain’
  • Understand Standard and Transmission Based Precautions and when and how to apply
  • Gain confidence for applying the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in a dental setting
  • How to identify and visualise clean and contaminated zones throughout the practice
  • Reflect on your approach and identify quality improvement opportunities for RMD management; and
  • Understand key terminology for DUWLs and how this relates to action back at the practice.


"Kylie is an engaging, excellent presenter who is very knowledgeable on the topic of infection prevention and control. A highly informative session that I would strongly recommend for all members of the dental team. " – Dr Dimitrios Sigalas

"Kylie provides a comprehensive and up-to-date course. She is a great presenter keeping all of us engaged for the whole day.” Dr Jad Clarke

“Kylie Robb is an amazing and accomplished presenter. Very impressive. The ADA and members are
fortunate to have her expertise.” Dr Tony Rynberg

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Please let us know as we are always planning and scheduling IPC courses around Australia and across NSW/ACT. 

If you would like to discuss your practice team attending this course as a group, please contact ADA NSW Practice Services (02) 8436 9927 to discuss group rate discounts and the possibility of arranging a course at a more convenient location near you. 

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Infection Prevention and Control - Still Achieving Best Practice

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