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Dental hygienists often see patients who are either in some type of active orthodontic treatment or have some type of retainer. Modern orthodontics and all the various orthodontic techniques and appliances in use today can present very challenging hygiene problems for both the patients and the hygienist. A myriad of questions arise from both the dental hygienists and the patient. What is the proper way for patients and hygienists to properly clean braces? What are white spot lesions? What causes them and how do you avoid and treat them? What role do fluorides play in patients with orthodontic appliances? What is the role of smooth surface sealants in orthodontic patient? How do you clean around fixed retainers? What hygiene cautions should be observed with patients wearing removable aligners (Invisalign)? What about bleaching teeth with orthodontic appliances in place? What effects do third molars have on orthodontic results? What to check for on orthodontic patients at routine hygiene appointments. 

This three hour course has been specifically designed for the dental hygienists to answer these questions. It will be an informative and entertaining evening which will not only increase your knowledge of orthodontic hygiene considerations but also make you feel more comfortable when dealing with orthodontic patients.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will have learned:

  • How do orthodontic appliances work (how and why teeth move)

  • The proper methods for instructing patients to clean with orthodontic appliances

  • Proper methods for performing cleaning on patients with braces and other appliances

  • What white spot lesions are and how to avoid and treat them

  • The role of fluorides and sealants in orthodontic treatment

  • The effects of tooth bleaching during orthodontic treatment

  • The effect that third molars have on orthodontic treatment

  • Proper cleaning for removable appliances

Other Information

Members of the Dental Hygienist Association of Australia register at the Hygienist member rate of $195. If you would like to become a member of DHAA visit www.dhaa.info

The online version is available if you cannot physically attend on the night. You can log in on your computer and watch the course from home or your office. Please be mindful to select the correct option when booking.

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Orthodontic Considerations for the Dental Hygienist

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