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Am I Doing it Right?

This question is so often heard from Dentists during bonding procedures.

The truth is, there are so many options available for dentine bonding systems today, and so many associated “hints and tips” to get the best bonding performance, that it can become quite confusing, and some clinicians may find themselves using the wrong application technique for their product. The result can be poor bond strengths or post-operative sensitivity issues, which ruin the clinical case, and the inevitable conclusion is that the adhesive is blamed for the unfavourable outcome.

In this, one-day lecture and workshop program, Dr Mandikos will cover the relevant theory of dentine bonding, to ensure attendees understand how bonding works, and what each of the different systems available actually does. He will demystify bonding protocols and bust a few “Urban Myths” along the way.

Then, in a fun and semi-competitive environment, Attendees will make their own bond testing specimens, with their preferred bond, and test their bond strengths in our special bond strength testing machine. It will be Dentist versus Dentist as course attendees go head to head, to see who can achieve the title of Top Bondodontist!

Learning Objectives

  • How dentine and enamel bonding work 
  • A review of the different bonding systems
  • Evidence based techniques – how to bond properly
  • When to use silanes and metal primers
  • Learn how to assess new dentine bonding systems
  • The role of the new Universal Adhesives - are they the future?
  • How good is your system? Do your own testing of your own bond
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