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The Indirect-Direct Composite Restoration

A patient presents to your practice requiring urgent attention for a fractured molar. Secretly, you hope that the tooth will require a crown, but instead find that the tooth is largely intact and perhaps should be treated with a large direct composite. Disheartened at not being able to do a more complex and profitable procedure, you resign yourself to the mundane of a “533”.

Whilst this is of course being a little cheeky with the reality of such a situation, larger composites are indeed very hard to do, and you would prefer to do a crown. But when your clinical judgment tells you that the tooth does not need a full-coverage crown, what is the alternative?

Too often this is the thought process we go through when in fact the present technologies and techniques available to us make this an exciting opportunity to practice minimal intervention, bio-mimetic dentistry. And with no laboratory fee, these procedures are profitable! This tooth does not require a filling, it is crying out for an adhesive, reinforcing, aesthetic reconstruction in composite resin!

During this hands-on lecture program, you will learn about the latest advancements in dentine bonding agents and ultra-low shrinkage composite resins. See how these materials can be implemented into your practice, bringing with them the benefits of lower polymerisation shrinkage and decreased stresses to the tooth. Post-operative sensitivity can be resigned to the past and these technologies will help to further improve the prognosis of the tooth and the longevity of these conservative restorations. In this presentation, you will see how these principles can be applied to anterior and posterior restorations.

Learning Objectives

  • The current state of Dentine Bonding - Should you use 4th, 5th 6th, 7th or 8th Generation dentine bonding systems?

  • Advances in composite resin chemistry 

  • The effects of amalgams on teeth – how well do they last and what can they do to the tooth?

  • How to place an indirect composite that you can readily make yourself without a lab fee. 

  • Cementation procedures for Inlays and Onlays (and crowns!) 

  • Learn how to make composite dentistry a practical, enjoyable and profitable part of your practice, whilst providing an optimal standard of care for your patients.

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Alternatives to Crowns

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