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Light and Lighter: Essential Tools for your Practice
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Thu 28 Sep 2023

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

Non-Member: $553.00
ADA Member (non-NSW): $425.00
ADA NSW Member: $425.00
Hygienist/OHT: $340.00
NSW Recent Grad: $340.00

** You are encouraged to also bring your own curing lights for the practical component.

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Comprehensive hands-on workshop for effective teeth whitening and light curing

This hands-on comprehensive workshop provides you the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in two essential dental practice functions: Light Curing and Teeth Whitening.


The Most Valuable Piece of Equipment in Your Office: Your Curing Light!

Presented by Prof Richard Price (USA), with special guest panellist Professor Ian Meyers

Adequately light-curing dental resins in the mouth has become an essential step of many dental visits. Yet how much were you taught about this part of dentistry? This presentation will cover the basics of safe resin polymerization and show you how you can easily compromise the success of your restorations. It is not just about shining a blue light onto a resin; if the top surface is hard, the bottom may not be cured.

The irradiance stated by the manufacturer of the curing light is usually measured under ideal conditions, and the value can be very misleading. The presentation will explain why. The relevance of knowing these effects of the emission spectrum, active tip size, distance, and power output have on resin polymerization will be reviewed. How to safely use curing lights will also be reviewed

Learning Objectives

  • Know what terms are used to describe the light output from a curing light
  • Know if their curing light is appropriate for their practice needs
  • Know how to optimize the amount of light delivered from the curing light
  • Understand how to avoid costly mistakes


Teeth Whitening on a Silver Platter

Presented by Dr Fabio Fowler

This comprehensive tooth whitening presentation covers everything from the mechanism of action, an overview of the full suite of patient options including a live in-office whitening demonstration as well as marketing tools and tips to boost your practice as a whitening leader.

The teeth whitening market is an ever-evolving and growing landscape and keeping on top of all the patient options as well as effective marketing strategies can be quite the challenge. The temptations for patients to opt for non-professionally prescribed options are easily accessible and can be difficult to resist, in some cases with detrimental side effects.
This inclusive course aims to provide the practice team with the science, a comprehensive overview of all the whitening options as well as the tools to ensure patients are only tempted by what your practice has to offer.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the various teeth whitening options available based on the mechanism of action and patient triage
  • To be able to utilise a variety of touch points to ensure patients are convinced to only choose professionally prescribes whitening products
  • To be able to involve other members in the practice team to boost teeth whitening relevance for the practice
  • To understand the marketing tools available to promote the practice as a whitening leader


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Light and Lighter: Essential Tools for your Practice

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