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Employer Guides 2017


The Employer Guides are one of the many services that ADA NSW provides students from University of Sydney and Charles Sturt University to help them get connected and employed as soon as possible after successfully completing final year exams and registering with AHPRA.

We would like this information from students as soon as possible in June, by the end of June at the latest so we can design and produce the information for distribution to employers in September.

Please fill out the form below and attach a current high quality photo of yourself (professional photos only will not accept self taken).

This is a service for members only if you would like to become a member click here

When completing 'Information about you', remember to include the following:

  1. Maximum word count for your profile is 180 words
  2. Mention where you would like to work, e.g. in Sydney, anywhere in NSW, a rural location, anywhere in Australia.
  3. Explain what you can offer employers, e.g. good communication skills, good listening skills, any extra courses you have done; and what you would like employers to offer you, e.g. a practice where you can learn, a practice with mentoring, a practice where you can gain more experience in an area you would like to specialise in.
  4. Explain what your career goals are, e.g. to specialise in a certain area or to be a good all-round practitioner.
  5. Include a sentence about your interests outside dentistry (e.g. sport, travel) or something interesting about yourself (e.g. you love Polish donuts).