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Federal Election: we will continue to advocate for oral health

The ADA NSW board and executive congratulate the ALP and Australia’s 31st Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on its recent Federal election win last weekend. We look forward to working effectively with the new Health Minister to improve the oral health of all Australians. We are encouraged by the positive commitments pledged during the Labor campaign to make more dedicated investments in the health system and urge them to make oral care more accessible for all, especially our most vulnerable – including the elderly, Indigenous Australians, children and rural and remote dwellers.

“We know that a robust and successful health agenda includes oral health. That is why ADA NSW will continue pushing the new government to make real changes to oral healthcare especially in older Australians, who have been long forgotten from policies. Poor oral health for older Australians has been estimated to cost $750m a year. The nation can’t have good health without good oral health ,” said President of the NSW ADA, Dr Michael Jonas.
As our ‘big ticket’ items, ADA NSW is advocating for the Government to commit to:

1. A Senior Dental Benefits Scheme to provide dental care through the public and private sector for people who are 65+ years with a Pensioner Concession or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.
2. A pathway for all staff working in residential aged care receive education and training to be able to care for residents' daily oral health needs and to identify when dental care is required.
3. The health assessment for people aged 75 years and older should include a regular oral health assessment.
4. The Aged Care Quality Standards are reviewed to include a commitment to best practice oral health care and aged care providers are mandated to meet oral care standards.

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