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Launching the new Australian Dental Health Foundation

Launching the new Australian Dental Health Foundation

This merger will rationalise the voluntary activities already being undertaken by both Foundations, working with the dental community around Australia to ensure dental care is available to disadvantaged Australians and to provide them with the resources and knowledge to care for their own dental health.

Volunteer dentists and support staff donate their time and services to provide pro bono treatment to vulnerable or at risk patients through an Adopt a Patient or a Dental Rescue Day (DRD). The ADHF NSW State Coordinator liaises with local Not-for-Profit organisations, which are delivery programs that specifically target the patient groups classified as vulnerable or at risk and identify those that are need of dental care and advice.  The primary aim of the program is to enable patients to improve their dental/oral heath, speech, presentation, self-esteem and help them return to being a self-supporting members of the community.  Patients are aged between 18 – 65 years and may be participating in one of the following programs:

  • Domestic & Family Violence Support/accommodation services
  • Drug and/or Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Recovering from a long term injury or illness
  • Near homeless or homeless support/accommodation services
  • Low socioeconomic background support services.

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