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How to vote on proposed Federal Council changes

13 July 2018

The Board met with the Council of ADA NSW today and the Council unanimously agreed to the Board’s position that the proposed Governance changes to Federal Council are NOT in the best interests of members. This relates to Motions 6 and 8 in the Notice of Special General Meeting sent to you recently from the Federal Office.

The stated reason for Motion 6 is that “the proposed amendments alter the size and composition of Federal Council to address the changing membership numbers of Branches and demographics in their jurisdictions.” This is not the case. ADA NSW has consistently comprised at least 30% of the membership base which is equal to 5 of 17 Councillors. Detailed information provided by ADA Inc. shows that NSW and ACT make up 32.2% of ADA members nationally. There is no case for change, which is why the Board and Council support maintaining five NSW Federal Councillors.

These proposed changes would reduce the ADA NSW current demographic representation, which has been working well since the States decided to form the ADA Federal Office. It would reduce the NSW proportional representation from our actual position of almost one third (32%) to a proposed one fifth (20%). The proposed changes are not in the best interests of members.

Federal Executive should comprise the most experienced and qualified Councillors. Motion 8 introduces limitations to Federal Executive representation which could prevent this from happening.

To maintain the current NSW representation we are urging you to vote against Motions 6 and 8.

The Board and Council of ADA NSW request you vote in accordance with the attached example and email back to proxy@adansw.com.au by 17 August 2018.

This is a critical issue for ADA NSW members and we need your support and vote.

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