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Forensic dentistry feature: Inside March NSW Dentist

Piecing the Puzzle Together

"Teeth may be a relatively small part of the human body but our role shows yet again how they have bigger importance overall."
- Dr Selina Leow

Occasionally nerve-racking and harrowing - but also highly interesting and rewarding. For Dr Selina Leow and Dr Pamela Gower, working as forensic odontology registrar and specialist forensic odontologist respectively, working life is rarely dull.

Read the feature article:

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Want to Learn More About Forensic Dentistry?

ADA NSW Forensic Odontology CPD Course

This two-day course introduces participants to forensic odontology's scope and practice with particular emphasis on disaster victim identification. Topics include dental radiology, forensic pathology, medical and dental autopsies and dental records and nomenclature. Click here for more information on the next course which takes place 22-23 September at the NSW Forensic Medicine and Coroners Court in Lidcombe.  

ADA NSW Library Recommended Resources

The ADA NSW Library compiles topic packages for further reading on specific areas. 

Email library@adansw.com.au or call (02) 8436 9960 for friendly research assistance.

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