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Bottled Water VS Tap Water

Bottled Water VS Tap Water

Australians who only drink bottled water are turning their backs on the benefits of water fluoridation, says Dr Sabrina Manickam, President of the Australian Dental Association NSW (ADA NSW).

"Drinking tap water with fluoride has added benefits for your oral health," Dr Manickam said. 

ADA NSW recommends tap water as the primary choice of drink for everyone. It’s the most hydrating drink, free of sugar, and where it contains fluoride, it reduces the risk of tooth decay.

"Water fluoridation prevents dental decay in all ages. It is a safe, effective and ethical way of providing benefit to everyone in the community, especially those who are disadvantaged," Dr Manickam said.

Fluoride is a natural substance found in water, soil and common foods. Water fluoridation is the most effective, equitable and efficient measure for achieving reduction in tooth decay across the community.  

Water fluoridation remains the cornerstone population health measure in preventing dental caries. Water fluoridation has been endorsed and recommended by more than 150 scientific, health and political organisations throughout the world, including the World Health Organization. The WHO holds the view that dental cavities can be prevented by maintaining a constant low level of fluoride in the mouth.

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