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ADA NSW welcomes Oberon Council's vote in favour of fluoridation

The Australian Dental Association NSW welcomes Oberon Council’s vote in favour of fluoridation.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Oberon Councillors voted 5 to 3 to seek approval from NSW Health to fluoridate the town water supply.

ADA NSW President Dr Neil Peppitt thanked Oberon Council for its careful consideration of the issue, and said the decision was good news for the Oberon community.

“ADA NSW is very pleased that the people of Oberon will have access to fluoridated water,” Dr Peppitt said. “Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay in people of all ages, and this decision will help improve oral health in the community for generations to come.”

Dr Peppitt also thanked ADA NSW members in the Central West and faculty members of CSU Dentistry for their important advocacy during the campaign – addressing public meetings, writing to the Council and the local newspaper, and speaking with patients and the media about the benefits of fluoride.

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