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ADA NSW Vice-President Dr Kathleen Matthews asks: How has oral health fallen behind toenails and hairdressing in our aged care homes?

17 June 2019
Aged care Insite

By Dr Kathleen Matthews 

Good oral health is an intrinsic part of overall wellbeing for people of all ages, but is particularly important for Australia’s elderly population. Poor oral health can impact quality of life and contribute to life-threatening conditions such as malnutrition or pneumonia.

This is distressing for families and further contributes to an unnecessary and avoidable drain on Australian health resources. Many older adults, particularly those in care homes, have increased vulnerability to oral diseases. Factors contributing to this include multiple medications, significant limitations in mobility, marked diet changes and limits in ability to perform personal hygiene measures.

Read the exclusive blog piece by ADA NSW Vice-President Dr Kathleen Matthews for the Aged Care Insite website here

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