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ADA NSW President Dr Dominic Aouad on ABC Radio Canberra discusses a sugar tax

13 May 24

“The impact of sugary drinks cannot be underestimated, particularly on younger Australians, but across the board. They just destroy teeth, and once teeth are destroyed, as we know they can’t heal themselves, they are going to need some sort of intervention.”

ADA NSW President Dr Dominic Aouad recently appeared on ABC Radio Canberra with presenter Adrienne Francis to discuss a sugar tax.
Every year in Australia, there are about 80,000 preventable hospitalisations due to tooth decay and a big part of that is sugary drinks.
ADA NSW is calling for a 20 per cent sugar tax on soft drinks with high-sugar content.
They say if the tax were implemented it would raise $1 billion each year for educational health programs and help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions for tooth decay.
To listen to this interview, please click here

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