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Media coverage: ADA NSW in Gunnedah to support community water fluoridation

ADA NSW is actively involved in supporting community water fluoridation in Gunnedah. This week, our team travelled to Gunnedah to brief the local council, which is considering fluoridation of the town’s water supply. Advocacy and Policy Advisor Dr Sarah Raphael and the Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Kate Miranda, presented the latest evidence from the National Health and Medical Research Council reaffirming that water fluoridation is safe, ethical and effective in preventing tooth decay. Dr Raphael and Dr Michael Jonas, the secretary of ADA NSW’s North and North West Division, were interviewed on radio, television and in print media about the oral health benefits of fluoridation.

ADA NSW Media Coverage

Click the below image link to listen to Dr Sarah Raphael on ABC Radio:


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PRIME 7 Coverage

NBN News Coverage


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