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Accreditation Assistance


Through the data collected from our Onsite Infection Control Review service, we determined clear compliance variations between accredited and non-accredited practices. We know the benefits of accreditation are real and invite you to join over 1000 practices across NSW and the ACT involved with Private Dental Practice Accreditation. The purpose of all of our accreditation support services is to make the process of achieving accreditation as time effective as possible while maximising the benefits for practice teams.

ADA NSW Online Accreditation Hub 

The Accreditation Hub is the home to over 50 ADA NSW created resources, templates, video tutorials and guidance documents for practices to achieve accreditation. Curious to know what is involved with accreditation before registering? Take a look at our exclusive ADA NSW 12 Week Accreditation Challenge. This Challenge provides practice teams with a strategy to complete accreditation. 

Onsite Accreditation Support

Regardless of where you’re up to with accreditation, it certainly helps to have someone streamline the process and show you the way. If you need help to get started, get finished, find out where you're up to and reset - let us know. Our team have assisted over 1,000 dental practices with accreditation and we'd love to help you too.


Telephone and Online Support

ADA NSW Practice Services can answer any of your accreditation questions. If you are already involved with accreditation, we can tell you where you’re up to in your accreditation cycle, what you need to do at any stage of the process and provide guidance to new team members who have taken over the process for a practice. Contact us now:

Phone: 02 8436 9927