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Save the CDBS


Funding to maintain the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) may be axed in the upcoming federal government budget, meaning the scheme would cease on 1 July 2016.

Abolishing the scheme could affect the oral health of children, particularly those from disadvantaged families.

Our President, Dr Sabrina Manickam, who was recently interviewed about links between good nutrition and oral health on the radio, explains in April's NSW Dentist that although it seems only 30% of eligible patients accessed the services, more than 96% of these services were bulk billed or charged at the amount of the allowed rebate, meaning patients did not access the CDBS due to its lack of publicity.

This sentiment was echoed:

ADA NSW is working with ADA Inc and sympathetic MPs to retain the CDBS.

Sign the petition and share on social media

Be one of the nearly 14,000 people to sign the online petition recommending the scheme's continuation. Once you have signed, the website will create you a new account and the screen below will appear.

You can share the petition link with your patients, share it on your Facebook site and tweet and email it to colleagues and patients.

Note that if you are on a shared computer, you will need to ‘Logout’ by using the drop down menu under your name at the right-hand side of the top of the page. Your colleagues will then be able to sign the petition on the same computer and create their own accounts.


ADA Inc has developed a wealth of resources to help you engage your patients in the debate. These are: