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ADAPTS Mentoring Program


2019 Program Registration

Registration for the 2019 ADA (NSW) Professional Transitional Support (ADAPTS) Mentoring Program closes 14 December 2018. A separate online application form is available for mentees and mentors with detailed questions to assist with appropriate matching of mentoring pairs. All participants will be advised of their application progress by mid to late January 2019.

Members can apply as a mentor/mentee pair, provided it is not an existing employer/employee relationship. This program is not designed to assist mentees with employment opportunities; it is a program to aid the mentee in their professional development. In the event a mentee is employed at their mentor’s organisation, the pair will be reassigned.

All current mentors and mentees may agree to continue in their mentor/mentee partnerships and they do not have to reapply for the 2019 program. If a current mentor and mentee wish to continue they can do so by emailing Phil.Breen@adansw.com.au so we can ensure that you are invited to events and receive resources etc.

2019 Program Timeline

  • Registration opens: 8 October 2018
  • Registration closes: 14 December 2018, successful participants will be notified by mid to late January 2019.
  • Induction workshop: All participants MUST attend a compulsory induction workshop to be held at ADA NSW, on Sunday 17 February, 2019 from 10am – 2.30pm  
  • Mentoring meetings: During the program mentors and mentees should hold regular meetings and the format of these can be decided by the mentoring pairs (e.g. face-to-face, telephone, email, Skype etc.)
  • Mid-year review: August 2019
  • End of program review: February 2020


“The ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ embody the proverbial principle, ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.’ With the ADA Mentoring Program being such a success for us so far, I say ‘See for yourself, hear how good it is and spread the good news about the ADA Mentoring Program!  Consider participating in the Program!” Mentor
“I am looking at dentistry differently, approaching every patient with care and attention and that is making me really enjoy what I do more.  I also feel more at ease with my treatment instead of wondering whether what I’m doing is wrong or right.  I’m truly thankful to have the mentor I have, he is simply the absolute best.  It is refreshing to see someone so passionate about their career even after so many years of practice.” Mentee
“From my involvement in the ADAPTS program so far, I have:
1. Enhanced my communication & leadership skills.
2. Obtained an insight of what problems the new graduates are facing currently, so that I can help them.
3. Obtained an insight of what the new graduates have been taught at different universities.

4. Found it to be a great opportunity to update myself with the latest thinking & advancement in dentistry.” Mentor


About The Program

The Australian Dental Association (NSW) Professional Transitional Support Program (ADAPTS) is designed specifically for mentees within their first seven years of registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) and mentors with seven or greater years of registration with the DBA.
The mentoring partnership will be determined by the goals and objectives of the mentee and therefore be flexible and negotiable. The program is voluntary and confidentiality between the mentee and mentor is essential in order to establish a mutually respectful, honest and open communication.

The ADAPTS mentoring program has been designed to assist those seeking opportunities for career and professional development by creating mentoring partnerships.  The purpose of the program is to facilitate partnerships whereby a mentor can share their personal knowledge, experience and perspective with a mentee, to foster their personal and professional development.

The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Provide a structured yet flexible opportunity for colleagues to work together in a mutually beneficial partnership and in a strictly confidential setting.
  2. Allow a more experienced practitioner to provide guidance and support to a less experienced colleague as they transition into the profession.
  3. Encourage mentors to embrace the professional responsibility of engaging and supporting younger colleagues.

ADAPTS is not a clinical support program; it has been developed to enhance professionalism and collegiality.  It aims to create a culture that proactively supports practitioners at different stages of their careers in order to enhance the quality of care delivered to their patients.

The benefits of the mentoring program to the community include:

  • Improved service through skilled practitioners with appropriate behaviours;
  • Better support networks for practitioners;
  • Less stress and critical interpersonal incidents in the workplace.

If you have any questions regarding the program, contact Phil Breen via Phil.Breen@adansw.com.au.