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Welcome to the new ADA NSW website, where, in the members' area you can access information to assist you in your practice. Your key contacts at ADA NSW as well as our federal colleagues are listed. If at any time you require assistance, please don't hesitate to get in contact with the membership support team on (02) 8436 9900.

With the most recent issues trending around infection control, we have set up a unique infection control portal where you can access Dental Board, Dental Council and ADA resources all in one area. The Advisory Services team can also provide further assistance via their email: advisory@adansw.com.au

On the site, you can also visit the division and study group areas where the contact details of the office bearers and relevant local information are listed. You can even try out the online forums and get some conversations going with your local colleagues. You will need to subscribe to the forum to create any conversation threads.

A list of the other resources and helplines are listed on the left navigation pages.  

If you would like to contact ADA NSW to provide ideas for our monthly NSW Dentist magazine, improve our website or contribute anything else that you feel would be of benefit to members, email communications@adansw.com.au