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ADA National Library open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm (exception public holidays)

Library services

The ADA National Library resources and staff assist members by providing information and research assistance. Library membership and research services are free to all ADA members, and many of the library resources are accessible online via the ADA Federal website

A comprehensive range of dentistry books

Our web-based service allows you to search our comprehensive range of materials.

You can request any item from our collection and it will be posted to you anywhere in Australia

Electronic books to read online

The library contains a huge range of electronic books, articles and journals which can be viewed immediately. Our website also provides quick links to recently added materials.

Electronic extracts from books or journals sent via email

You can request sections of particular books, journals or articles to be sent electronically. If you find something you are interested in, send a request via the website and our staff will scan the materials and email.

Reading lists for continuing professional education

Need a reading list for a specific course you're interested in? Search our list: MRACDS courses, RACDS Primary, RACDS Finals. ADC Courses, VDGYP, General CPD courses, Dental Files and A-Z journal listing.

Journal alert service

Want to see what is inside the latest issue of a particular journal? Choose a specific journal and we'll send you a contents list of each new issue. You can then send a request to view particular articles, and staff will send via email.

Personalised search service

If you can't find what you're after or don't have enough time to search, our staff are available. We will search for, scan and email any relevant information to you.

Contact Details

1db97f7e-5428-4b97-a297-45b9b0adaaab-1.pngTelephone: (02) 8436 9960

1db97f7e-5428-4b97-a297-45b9b0adaaab-1.pngEmail: library@adansw.com.au



Level 1, 1 Atchison Street

St Leonards NSW 2065

PO Box 132 St Leonards NSW 1590

Login to the ADA Library

  1. Login to the ADA Federal website
  2. Select "Member Home" from the very top navigation bar
  3. Select "Membership Services" from the middle navigation bar
  4. Select "National Library"