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Wed 27 Jul 2022
6:45PM - 9:30PM



CPD Hours: 1.5

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Myths in Dentistry

In-person Event or Online Event

Join Dr Chankhrit Sathorn and Andrew Thorpe as they demystify the 'Myths in Dentistry' at the hybrid Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds Study Group Meeting in this special on-line event.

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The online streaming event begins at 6:45pm.



Controversies for the Modern Dental Extraction
Presented by Dr Andrew Thorpe

Before dental implants, dental extractions were easier – no thoughts were needed to preserving the buccal plate, no grafting was usually needed, and the advent of antibiotics meant a near-end to worries about infections.
The modern dental extraction seems to require extensive thought. What is the most appropriate pain relief in the world of opioid epidemics? Am I really a criminal for fracturing the buccal plate? In this seminar, Dr Andrew will take on some of the more controversial topics in the routine procedure of removing a tooth:
-          Will fracturing the buccal plate mean that the patient can’t have a dental implant?
-          Are opioids in or out this season?
-          The “infected” tooth – should we delay the extraction if the patient isn’t going numb?

Do you want to attend in-person?
Limited spaces are available for the presentation at our St Leonards lecture theatre. Please visit the in-person registration page to attend in person.