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Western Division Meeting
6.5 CPD Hours | Anxiety Control in Dentistry... Psychosedation, Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Many of our patients are quite anxious about seeking and receiving dental treatment. It may lead to some people avoiding dental care completely until excruciating pain gives them no choice. Dentists should be able to provide alternatives to control a patient’s anxiety and to assist them to receive treatment. This course will cover a spectrum of anxiety-relieving alternatives. It will give the caring dentist a selection of anxiolytic techniques that can be offered to their patients including psychosedation, oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation. All participants will have the opportunity to administer and experience the full range of effects of relative analgesia using nitrous oxide-oxygen, and, after completing the course, will feel confident in setting up and administering this agent. Topics Include: The basics of fear and anxiety in the dental office The utilisation of psychosedation techniques Review of Basic Life Support The utilisation of oral sedation Relevant pharmacology, administration and monitoring Indications/contraindications Managing complications The utilisation of nitrous oxide sedation Relevant pharmacology, administration and monitoring Indications/contraindications Managing complications Learning Objectives: Gain an understanding of the key causes of fear and anxiety in our patients Understand basic psychosedation techniques and be able to apply them Revise Basic Life Support Understand pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, advantages/disadvantages, indications/contra-indications of oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation Gain confidence in utilising oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation During the practical session, participants will work in groups and learn both slow and fast nitrous oxide-oxygen induction techniques. It is essential that all participants wishing to perform any procedure on a colleague in a learning environment are registered dental professionals in Australia....

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Building a Practice - Negotiating a Lease
3.5 CPD Hours | Avoid 5 Haunting Lease Mistakes... Negotiating a lease is a skill. At its core, it involves identifying what kind of lease is compatible with the business goals of the practice owner and working backwards from that point.  ​ In a perfect world, negotiations are orderly and principled. In reality, dentists are forced to deal with high-pressure sales tactics and to make leasing decisions quickly sometimes without having the full picture. The big mistakes happen very early in the process. This course will equip you with what you need to know to have the key conversations and avoid the 5 big leasing mistakes that can cripple a new practice. This workshop equips dentists and practice owners with the know-how to negotiate and optimise their premises lease, and to avoid common traps when negotiating for new space for their practice. The focus is on finding the short-cuts, a rough and ready guide to better leasing outcomes. Participants will understand the relationship between the lease and practice value, and how certain clauses in a lease can be catastrophic to the future value and salability of a practice. No nonsense and straight to the point, this workshop is designed to de-mystify leases and give participants the ability to assess their current lease and improve the quality of their relationships with future landlords. The workshop drives home the importance of understanding leases from a deal-making perspective and gives participants the confidence to communicate effectively with landlords, leasing agents, and lawyers involved in the leasing process....