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ADA NSW Red Cross Clinics


Change lives through volunteering

In 2008, ADA NSW established a partnership with the Australian Red Cross to provide much needed dental services for asylum seekers who have applied to the Department of Immigration for refugee status. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the clinics in 2018, ADA NSW is proud of our long standing partnership with the Australian Red Cross and the invaluable dental care our member dentists have provided to asylum seekers over the past decade. 

At the Red Cross Clinics, held quarterly, ADA staff, volunteer dentists, dental assistants, dental students and Red Cross staff work tirelessly to ensure patients are given the fundamental pain relief they need, including:

  • Scale and clean treatments

  • Extractions

  • Fillings

Patients are also given oral hygiene instruction and each go home with an oral health bag from Colgate, including a new toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.


Feedback from the clinics have been overwhelmingly positive, with one patient saying:

“Thank you so much for organising my visit to a dentist. I am touched. I have never in my life had this best service. Not in any service. Respect. Love. Care. Thank you so much to the whole dental clinic.”
Tatiana, Red Cross Clinic Patient

The patients assisted through the program are asylum seekers who are at different stages of the refugee determination process. Patients come from a diverse range of countries including; Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Egypt and Syria. 

Over the course of 2016 almost $50,000 of free dental treatment was provided to asylum seekers through the Red Cross Clinics.
All appointments at the ADA NSW Red Cross Clinics are organised through the Australian Red Cross. To be eligible for treatment patients must be currently involved in appropriate Red Cross asylum seeker support programs and patients suffering pain are given first priority.
As an ADA member dentist log into the ADA NSW website to find out more, or if you are a dental student or dental assistant email madeleine.martin@adansw.com.au to volunteer.
If you are a refugee or asylum seeker looking for more information, please visit the Australian Red Cross page on Migration Support and Services.