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Dental Training Bays




Complementing our Clinical Training Centre are four Dental Training Bays including the Master Bay which is equipped with a three camera production system. These images can be ‘mixed’ live and allow for razor sharp clinical images of procedures performed on live patients or models, similar to vision you would see when watching a live sporting event on TV, to provide the best views possible. Two 50 inch Full HD plasma screens within the surgery give visibility of both the procedure itself and the audience in the clinical training centre.
During live demonstrations course participants can interact with the clinician through a two way communications system from the clinical training centre, lecture theatre, or both. The ability to simultaneously capture four Full HD video feeds allows us to create visually engaging clinical video materials with a 'surgeons-eye-view'.
If you would like to enquire about booking this facility, please submit your query below or call 1800 737 346.