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Foundations - Learn how to sit and work pain free and with ease in the Dental Office

There is no doubt that Dentistry is a very challenging profession. We work sitting down all day, in a confined space in a physically demanding position. Often its an emotionally charged environment and on people who for the most part, would like to be somewhere else. It is a recipe for STRESS!!   Most of us have never been taught how to sit well and we often end up either tired, in pain or “crippled” at the end of our day. 

This course has been designed specifically for all members of the Dental team. While working in Endodontics for over 25 years, Dr Jones knows what problems the team experience and has found successful innovative techniques to not only undo the damage already done, but has created a successful program to prevent work related injuries in the first place. 

Topics include

  • The Anatomy of good posture from a functional perspective. What organisation of muscles contributes to best posture.
  • How spiral movement is more efficient in creating support than other older models of biomechanics
  • How to use pelvis and “integrated core” as foundation for strong, flexible, balanced trunk in all the difficult things we need to do in the dental office 
  • Efficient practical sitting, turning, getting up and down from chair for all members of the dental team.
  • How to sit to maximise benefits of using loupes and microscope.

Learning Objectives

  • Recapture enjoyment of your body again while you work, that ease and flexibility of much earlier days 
  • Apply awareness and neuroplasticity of the nervous system to dismantle old bad postural habits and replace them with new ways that are more efficient biomechanically.
  • Recognise the neuromuscular basis for work injury, pain and discomfort specific to the Dental Office and demonstrate how to reverse and prevent this damage. Identify and in a practical way dismantle your own particular unique patterns of holding tension.
  • Reawaken your bodily wisdom (proprioception), something that stress has diminished in us and that has been scientifically demonstrated to be a key imperative in recovering from chronic pain and dysfunction. 
  • Activate new easy patterns of sitting, turning etc using spiral patterns that have been shown to be functionally be more efficient and natural. Create new good habits of movement and balance as you work

On Completion

By addressing our bad postural habits this program can not only reverse some of the damage already done in the dental office but can prevent getting into trouble in the first place. It also has the added advantage of creating flexibility to improve your sports and fitness activities and help you come back to enjoying your body and grow old gracefully. 


Other Information

Dentists are encouraged to attend this course with their nurse

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