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Extraordinary Opportunity in Orthodontics

Welcome to an extraordinary opportunity to develop your skills in orthodontics. 
Join world-renowned Orthodontist Dr Eric Lowenhaupt across four (4) training sessions, within a clinical setting to learn and practice the latest orthodontic techniques and strategies.
Each session, provides 18 hours of comprehensive clinical updates, across a variety of orthodontic topics, and offers you a unique opportunity to immediately practice your learnings alongside of your presenter. 
Explore the curriculum below and register today to expand your knowledge and skills in Orthoodontics.  Early registration is recommended. 

SESSION 1: Friday 27 – Sunday 29 May 2022

Getting Started 
Start at the beginning. Session 1 provides a solid foundation to strengthen your knowledge and skills in diagnosis, case selection and treatment planning. Receive innovative strategies for a comprehensive record examination and cephalometric analysis, to assist in making informed treatment decisions.
Explore vital orthodontic elements, including the effects of orthodontic treatment on facial aesthetics, the importance of balance, and gain further insight to the basics of craniofacial growth and development.
Experience an opportunity to place bands and brackets on the orthodontic typodont, and improve your knowledge and skills of banding and bonding. Witness demonstrations of initial wire placement and ligation techniques all within a clinical setting.
Hands-on Exercises: 
Cephalometric analysis
Bonding (bracket placement exercise)
Mechanics (wire placement and technique)

SESSION 2: Friday 12 – Sunday 14 August 2022

Class I Survey & Biomechanics
Continue to develop your orthodontic skills and address the complexities of timing issues: when to treat and when not to treat and Class II diagnosis and treatment.
Explore into Phase 1, interceptive treatment modalities and arch development techniques. Discover strategies for Class I crowded cases and the benefits for using expansion mechanics/appliances. 
Demonstrate new techniques in the workshop, and begin a detailed study of basic orthodontic biomechanics through directly applying what is discussed. Learn directly from demonstrated techniques of intrusion, advancing archwire fabrication and ligation placement.
Hands-on exercises:
Advancing utility arches
Intrusion utility arches (fabrication & adjustments)
Molar uprighting springs (mechanics)

SESSION 3: Friday 7 – Sunday 9 October 2022

Class II and Class III Survey Extractions
Advance into Session 2 and further address Class II and Class III considerations and treatment modalities, exploring both orthopaedic and orthodontic movements.
Manage the complexities of the Class II correction in mixed and permanent dentition. Discover innovative molar distalising techniques through both fixed and removable treatments.  Gain an advanced understanding to better select the most effective archwire, sequencing strategy, and elastic wear and set-up. In addition, expand your knowledge of adjunctive intrusion techniques, with particular attention to second and third-order bends (tipping and torque).
Hands-on exercises:
Torquing arches
Second-order bends 
Cervical headgear placement and adjustment 
Various Class II correctors and their adjustment

SESSION 4: Friday 18 – Sunday 20 November 2022

Class II and Class III Survey Extractions
Extraction Mechanics, Finishing, Detailing and Aesthetic Considerations
Finish with finesse. Complete both this course and your orthodontic cases with finishing and detail.
Better understand extraction mechanics and debanding, with precise timing.
Learn how the use elastics and segmented arches contribute to finishing, intraoral adjustments, and also assist in troubleshooting difficult cases. 
Appreciate all aesthetic considerations, and other special considerations for ortho-prosthodontic cases. Also finish with a review of preferred retainer design placement of fixed retainers and follow-up adjustments. 
Hands-on exercises:
Artistic bends
Finishing and detailing techniques
Finishing elastics
Retainer adjustments
Multiple finishing techniques demonstrated

CONTINUAL SUPPORT: 12 Month Consulting 

Complimentary Orthodontic consultations for your patients

Continue to practice your improved orthodontic skills with the extended support from Dr Eric Lowenhaupt.  Receive a complimentary 12-month subscription for consults on cases at pre-treatment, during treatment, or simply reach out with any progress questions or trouble-shooting problems that you may encounter during treatment. 


The course will run over 4 sessions, each session being two and half days.
PLEASE REVIEW DATES CAREFULLY, as there will be NO replacements or transfers permitted.  CPD's cancellation policy applies to the full course fee and transfers/replacements for future sessions are not permitted.

Payment plans are available for this course.  Contact admin@adacpd.com.au to pay in installments

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