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The only dedicated bioaggregate hands-on course in Australia that covers all aspects of bio-aggregate materials.

Recent developments in calcium silicates, sometimes known as bioceramic or bio-aggregate materials have contributed to advances in the provision of new treatment modalities of endodontics and restorative dentistry allowing the salvaging of teeth that may have been lost.

Bioceramics handling is vastly different to most other materials and can be used in many areas within tooth structure, pulpal structure and in solving iatrogenic problems in endodontics. To achieve the best from these materials it is important to understand the material and select the correct material for the right indication.

Saving a pulp and repairing damage to an otherwise unrepairable tooth is possible with calcium silicates /bioceramics when used correctly.

Topics include

  • Bioceramics overview -– History, development and where are we now?

  • How to use bioceramics in your practice - Repair of perforations, apical closure in immature and mature root canals, apical closure in surgical endodontics

  • Practical aspects of bioceramic use – How to achieve the optimal mix, application techniques

Learning Objectives

Identify scenarios that will benefit from bioceramics

To be able to select the right bioceramic 

To mix and handle manipulate calcium silicates for multiple scenarios

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Using Calcium Silicates in Endodontics and Surgical Endodontics

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