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Getting the basics right

In this one day, hands-on program, Michael will provide an update on what is new in posterior composites (including the indications and use of bulk placement techniques), Impression Materials, All-Ceramic Restorations, Provisional Materials and Cements. Specifically, he will address the common problems of post-operative sensitivity in posterior composites and how newer materials can assist to prevent this. Michael will demonstrate a technique for fabrication of quality provisional in those last few moments of the prep appointment, and also how to ensure you get your impressions right, every time. There will also be content on bonding and cementation systems and case examples of the different techniques for cementing various all-ceramic restorations. 

This full day program will alternate between lectures and hands-on exercises, ensuring all attendees are well versed in these new materials and techniques by the end of the course. 

Learning Objectives

  • Why patients experience post-operative sensitivity with composites and how you can avoid this

  • Update on recent improvements in cements, adhesives and composites for bulk-fill applications

  • Correct and predictable techniques for impressions and posterior composites

  • What are the all-ceramic systems available on the market and what are their indications

  • How to prepare an all-ceramic crown properly for eMax or Zirconia

  • Which cement to use for different clinical applications

  • How to correctly cement a crown for longevity and without post-operative complications

What to Bring:

Magnification Loupes if needed
Your preferred composite placement instruments (for comparison)

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Update in Restorative Dentistry

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