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This course is designed to assist general dentists who want to become better diagnosticians with a good overall understanding of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment options. It is intended to enable the dental practitioner to improve their ability to detect orthodontic problems, have an understanding of comprehensive orthodontic treatment options and become better equipped to discuss options with their patients and treating specialists.

Topics include

  • The mixed dentition patient: what to look for

  • Early treatment vs timely treatment: Growth modification in children and adolescents using orthopaedic treatments, which malocclusion when?

  • Anterior Crossbite: what every dentist should know

  • Changing the face of modern Orthodontics: temporary anchorage devices.

  • Management of missing teeth through mesialisation, molar disitalisation to address space loss issues, skeletal open bites, pre-prosthetic orthodontics and Class III treatments

  • The adult orthodontic patient: more options than ever before!

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate normal from deviation from normal occlusion. Identify and manage common eruption problems including impactions. 

  • Identify whether an early intervention may be called for or the referral to a specialist is required

  • Recognise the correct timing for successful correction of different malocclusion in growing patients

  • Identify differential diagnoses between malocclusions of skeletal and dental origins

  • Key points in diagnosis, treatment planning and sequencing in adult orthodontic treatment. 

  • Understanding the different appliance options in adults, their advantages and limitations. 

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