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Direct techniques for minimising sensitivity and obtaining perfect contacts

This course will address the main causes of postoperative sensitivity with posterior composites, and present techniques that can be predictably employed by the clinician to prevent it occurring. This will include a discussion on cavity design and restorative material placement as well as the role of self-etching dentine bonding systems, glass ionomers and flowable resins.

During hands-on exercises, participants will have the opportunity to practice composite placement in typodont teeth using the materials and techniques discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • How does the cavity position and design affect prognosis?

  • Is there an advantage in switching to selfetching dentine bonding systems?

  • Liners and bases - do we still need them in the age of adhesive dentistry?

  • Which composites are best suited to posterior applications?

  • What is the role of Bulk Fill Composites? – are they the future?

  • Getting tight contacts - matrix systems for posterior restorations

  • Instrumentation for posterior composites

  • Finishing and polishing procedures

Listen to Dr Michael Mandikos in the lead up to his course


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