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Digital data handling in the paperless practice.

Come join us in 2020 for our Destination Education course in Perisher!

The digital revolution of dentistry continues unabated and digital workflow and data management create immense opportunities not only to streamline patient administration but significantly improve the quality of care dentists provide. However, digital data management also presents significant legal risks if not handled correctly. In addition to compliance with privacy laws, the requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities also need to be met.
This two-day course will look at implementing systems to streamline the handling of records in the paperless office. Through a combination of presentations, hands on exercises, and discussion panels, participants will come away with some new perspectives on how to manage the digital revolution and readily implemented processes to achieve  greater outcomes in patient care.

Accommodation for the two days must be booked separately. Attendees are advised to book as soon as possible to ensure they do not miss out as this course will be running during peak ski season.

List passes, including ski tube and ski hire (if required) will need to be purchased separately and are not included in the course registration price.

Topics include

- Developing data management systems in the paperless practice 
- Understanding the legal framework surrounding digital data 
- Treatment planning 
- Managing documents and data inside and outside the practice - a compliance-based approach 

- Digital photography video and practice session taking up loading and handling images
- Setting up and linking E Forms to your patient management system  
- Dental Imaging, digital photos, digital education resources

Discussion panels
- Consent 
- Privacy laws and data management

Learning Objectives

Implementing systems to achieve efficient workflow in the paperless office

Computer records - easy, comprehensive and legally compliant

E Document management - E forms, emails, templates, scanned documents, medical history

Handling of compliance documents [Medicare/HIC/DVA documents]

The do's and don’ts of electronic referral documents and specialist reports  

Storage and handling of dental imaging CT's digital x-rays OPG's

Treatment planning  using template documents

Incorporating digital photography Into daily practice

Obtaining consent - Consent process/ signed documents/recorded consent

Privacy laws and data management

Keeping digital data secure

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The Digital Revolution of Dentistry

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