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The Basic Endo Course
Presented by: Dr Omar Ikram
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Fri 09 Aug 2024 - Sat 10 Aug 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

Non Member: $2835.00
ADA Member (non NSW): $2100.00
ADA NSW Member: $2100.00
Recent Graduates: $1680.00

** You are encouraged to bring your own loupes on the day. **

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Pulp and periapical diseases cause the patient and clinician significant stress.

Every single dentist needs to be able to treat endodontic disease, even if they refer the case later. Being attuned to the basic concepts is so vital to be able to offer this kind of care.

The purpose of this course is to demystify endodontics over two days, so that attendees improve their confidence in root canal treatment. This course will involve hands on training first using plastic blocks to get used to simplified two preparation systems (ProTaper ULTIMATE and Wave One Gold) and then graduating to extracted teeth, with both systems. Warm gutta percha obturation techniques will also be explored. In addition to lectures on preparation and filling techniques, there will be lectures on treatment of endodontic pain and complications in endodontics.

Attendees are required to supply extracted teeth to work on, these should preferably be accessed BEFORE the course and ONE of the canals in the tooth should be negotiated to a size 10 K file BEFORE the course. The remaining canals can be treated at the course. Please also take a preoperative radiograph of the extracted tooth before the course and bring this on your tablet or phone for use during the hands-on sessions. Further information regarding this course requirement will be provided upon registration.

 It is encouraged to bring your own loupes.

Topics include

  •  Hands on training using plastic blocks and the latest endodontic equipment
  •  The opportunity to use microscopes 
  •  Filling canals using the latest techniques
  •  Tips and a lecture on how to get patients out of pain fast
  •  Lecture on complications in endodontics: what to do when they occur and how to avoid them

Learning Objectives

  •  Obtain experience using new rotary system Protaper ULTIMATE
  •  Gain hands on experience using a reciprocating system Wave one Gold
  •  Explore and use different root filling techniques.
  •  Discuss tips on how to reduce and prevent preoperative and post operative pain
  •  Recognise complications when they occur, how they affect outcome and how to advise the patient
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The Basic Endo Course

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