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Achieving predictable outcomes for the aesthetically demanding situations

Every patient that is seeking an aesthetic improvement is aesthetically demanding in one way or another. This could be not only stressful but also technically challenging even for an experienced clinician. This course is designed to discuss all the critical steps involved to achieve a predictable crown restoration for an aesthetically demanding situation.

Topics include

  • Treatment planning and informed consent

  • Patient assessment and tooth assessment

  • Coronal build-up

  • Crown preparation

  • Impressions taking (and hands-on exercise)

  • Provisionalisation

  • Laboratory communication and crown material selection

  • Cementation

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the high risk factors for treatment and how to communicate these effectively to the patient

  • To be competent at assessing a suitable tooth to receive a crown restoration

  • To understand different post and core systems

  • To understand all critical steps of crown preparation, impression taking, provisionalisation and cementation. 

  • To become competent at taking 1-step and 2-step impressions via hands-on exercise

  • To understand what information the dental laboratory requires to achieve the restoration that you and your patient envision 

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