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As a dental practitioner, it is likely that some of your patients are presenting with oral health issues associated with recreational drug use, sex and other lifestyle practices. 

By virtue of our health care role and regular access to our care, the dental profession has a significant part to play in the education of patients on prevention of oral and systemic disease. As well, diagnosis and management of diseases associated with sexual health and recreational drug use, including  the availability of new treatments and the prevention of oral health complications are integral to dental care.

Recreational drug use is common across many groups in the community and the associated lifestyle issues can lead to an increase in oral health problems. An increase in the number of sexual partners, sometimes in association with recreational drug use, presents an increased risk for transmission of STI’s with implications for general health, including dental and oral health.  There is a need for strategies around harm minimization for both sexual health and oral health based on diagnosis and prevention that should be implemented in this cohort.  

Blood born viruses are obvious considerations when discussing these lifestyle issues. The management of HIV and Hepatitis B and C has changed significantly over the last five years with significant reductions in morbidity and mortality. As is the case with many chronic illnesses there are implications within these treatments for long term oral health. 

HPV is the most commonly sexually transmitted infection and the leading cause of oropharyngeal cancers. The fastest growing section of the oral cancer population, are young, non-smoking individuals who develop oro-pharyngeal cancers from the HPV virus.

You want me to discuss what with my patients?!
Discussion with patients regarding their drug use and sexual practices can be uncomfortable and may lead to inaccurate histories and a lower standard of care. This course will include an interactive segment with the presenters with tips on communication with patients around these topics.

Learning Objectives

  • The effect of recreational drugs on oral health 
  • Harm minimization strategies based on preventive care
  • Oral Sex and Dental Surgery (including oral sexual assault)
  • HPV and oropharyngeal malignancy
  • Management of patients with HPV and blood borne viruses 
  • Saliva drug testing is there a role? 
  • When and who do we refer to?

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