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Litigation and complaints in the dental practice; what you need to know as a clinician, employer and business manager

We currently practice at a time when regulation and patient expectations make significant demands on the dental practitioner. A key ingredient to the success of your business is a healthy relationship with your patients, your staff and your colleagues. Legal and ethical principles impact those relationships every day. 

This course will help you navigate the legal principles that every dentist should know to maintain those healthy relationships and avoid complaints and litigation. It will tackle the curly issues of consent and negligence. 

As a registered dental professional you make an individual commitment to abide by the Dental Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct and its ethical standards. The course will explore ethical issues that arise in your everyday practice and the interaction between law and ethics.

This course is presented by exceptional speakers with a wealth of knowledge in this field. The application of the National Law and disciplinary procedures as applied to dentists will be reviewed together with a discussion of many contemporary issues faced by practitioners including social media.

Topics include

  • Criticism of colleagues and reporting duties

  • Social media - Ethical and professional considerations

  • How dentistry is regulated and the complaints process in NSW

  • What to do if you get a complaint

  • The Dental Council of NSW’s expectations of dental registrants

  • Professional misconduct; legal principles and how they are applied

  • Consent and negligence

  • The importance of good record keeping

  • The tensions between business and ethics in dentistry

  • The difference between law and ethics and the interaction between the two

  • Dental-related ethical principles and dilemmas


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