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Every clinician aims to provide the best dental treatment for patients in a predictable manner resulting in the least amount of problems. However, at times we provided the right treatment for the wrong clinical situation, resulting in a clinical failure. This one-day presentation will cover a wide range of topics including tooth assessment, patient assessment, aesthetic assessment, occlusion assessment, parafunction management, bridge design and material selection. All of these are important factors to help you identify the risk factors which could result in premature failure, then plan your treatment with long-term success in mind.

​Would you like to reduce your restorative complications or failures? If so, then this is the right course for you. In this presentation, Dr Ben Lee will cover a wide range of topics aimed to identify risk factors before treatment and to a better treatment plan to reduce your clinical failures.

Topics include

  • Tooth assessment

  • Patient assessment

  • Occlusion demystified

  • Management of dental parafunction (diurnal and nocturnal)

  • Which occlusal splint should you use?

  • How to improve composite shade matching?

  • Crown preparation and bridge design

  • Post and core selection

  • When to use what ceramic?

Learning Objectives

  • To improve risk factor analysis with a better understanding of tooth assessment, patient assessment as a whole, occlusion and parafunction assessment. 

  • To improve treatment planning utilising a visualised outcome approach, with a better understanding of post and core selection, ceramic selection, bridge design, occlusal splint selection and management of parafunction.

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