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A rationalised approach to accurate diagnosis leading to successful extraction and beyond

This course will cover the practicalities of every day oral surgery - from extractions to impactions, breakages to biopsies, instrument and suture selection, exposures and closure of oro-antral communications.

Topics include

  • Clinical and radiographic assessment
  • Instrumentation and technique
  • Extraction of teeth, roots and wisdom teeth
  • Biopsy techniques
  • Oro antral fistula repair
  • Exposure of teeth
  • Suture types, techniques and uses (hands on practice)
  • Optimising post-operative pain control

Learning Objectives

  • Accurately assess and manage surgical patients
  • Attain familiarity with a wide variety of instruments and techniques
  • Practice with various suturing materials, styles instruments and techniques
  • Understand soft tissue management and repair
  • Prescribe safely confidently and effectively for post-operative pain management
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Practical Oral Surgery for Your Dental Practice

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