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How to write policy, procedure and simple documents for your dental practice

This hands-on course will give you the skills to write policy, procedures and other simple documents for your dental practice. Quite often a daunting task, we will give you templates that are easy to use and implement strategies to work through what you need to have in place.

The workshop will give you time to work on the policies and procedures and help to make sense of what you need in practice and how to implement them.

Topics include

  • What policy and procedures do you need?

  • Writing policy documents.

  • Writing safe operating procedure documents for equipment and materials.

  • Writing chairside procedure documents.

  • Job descriptions, confidentiality agreements.

  • Dealing with diverse clients and colleagues

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to make the process of policy and procedures easy to understand and will give you the tools to be able to set your policies and procedures up effectively and without complication. You will be able to apply the tools to help you set these important documents up in your practice.

What to Bring:

This course requires participants to bring their own laptop on the day.


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Policy and Simple Document Writing for the Dental Practice

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