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Including the use of Piezotome Surgical Techniques

In this course, Dr Rajiv Verma, will explain the techniques of minimally invasive tooth extraction and crown lengthening procedures to optimise periodontal restorative interface by outlining the advantages of piezoelectric surgery compared to the classical approach and techniques. In the second half of the day the workshop participants will have the chance to perform tooth extraction and crown lengthening surgery in animal models.

This is an excellent and unique opportunity to gain a further understanding behind the use of piezoelectric surgery to improve treatment outcomes. 

Topics include

  • Minimally invasive dental extractions and why this technique?

  • Understanding biologic width and techniques to optimize perio-restorative interface

  • The use of piezoelectric surgery for tooth extraction and crown lengthening surgery

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain a more advanced understanding of the role of piezoelectric surgery in day to day surgical practice.

  • It will help unravel biologic width, methods to determine the best solutions in terms of crown lengthening a tooth. It will highlight the indications and benefits of these procedures and learn how to improve dental health, produce better restorative results and enhance your understanding to optimally treat teeth fractured subgingivally, planning aesthetic restorations and treat patients with gummy smiles or uneven gum margins.

  • Participants will be able to understand the techniques and application of piezoelectric surgery in atraumatic tooth extraction and crown lengthening procedures

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Minimally Invasive Dental Extractions and Crown Lengthening Surgery

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