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Incorporating the surgical phase of Periodontal treatment in Periodontitis patients

This course follows on from Part 1- Managing Periodontitis in General Practice. The rationale for Periodontal Surgery and techniques will be explained. Emphasis will be on treatment planning of the more advanced Periodontitis patients.

This is an excellent course for general Dentists who wish to improve their clinical skills and decision making process for patients  with moderate to advanced Periodontitis.

Topics include

  • Surgical vs Non Surgical Periodontal treatment

  • Treatment of the Furcation

  • Overview of Periodontal Surgery – Aims and techniques

  • Principals of Treatment planning advanced cases

  • Hands on Periodontal Surgery on Pigs jaws.

Learning Objectives

  • Diagnose and identify patients with Moderate to Advanced Periodontitis

  • Understand the advantages and limitations of Periodontal Surgery

  • Treatment plan patients with more advanced Periodontitis

  • Assess the Periodontal Prognosis of teeth

  • Understand the principles of Periodontal Surgery

Other Information

It is a pre-requisite to have completed Periodontics in General Practice: Part 1 prior to attending this course.
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Periodontics in General Practice: Part 2

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