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Keeping out of trouble, re-treatment and surgical principles

The aim of this course is to extend the basic endodontic principles to cope with more complicated clinical scenarios that are often encountered. Seven principles will be discussed throughout the course.

Topics include

  • Predicting successful outcomes. Central to successful endodontics is appropriate case selection. This section will consider restorability, provisional restorations, alternative treatment options and provide guidance as to which cases can be considered predictable and which should be avoided. 

  • Management strategies for calcified canals, locating and negotiating the MB2. Gaining access to the foramen is often the most challenging stage in endodontics. Techniques for locating and negotiating calcified canals will be covered. Try and bring some teeth with narrow or calcified canals to trial some alternative techniques.

  • Management of open apices. Trauma to immature teeth often results in having to manage an open apex. The traditional method was long-term calcium hydroxide dressings. There is now a trend to either apexification with MTA or to attempt “regenerative endodontics”. The indications/contraindications for these approaches will be covered. 

  • Perforation repair. Getting your “assistant” out of trouble may involve managing a perforation. How perforations are handled immediately can make a marked difference in the outcome. The hands-on component will cover a few treatment strategies that can be easily implemented. 

  • Post and fractured instrument removal. The use of ultrasonics to manage both of these situations will be explored and guidelines to when you should implement them. 

  • Energised irrigation techniques. Irrigation is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the chemo-mechanical preparation and there are a number of new instruments available to energise the irritants. This section will review the current technologies available.

  • Surgical principles - ultrasonic preparation and retrograde fillings. Advanced surgical principles have corresponded to an increase in surgical success rates. An understanding of these concepts is essential to those either referring or performing surgery. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify appropriate case selection for successful treatment outcomes

  • Locate and negotiate calcified and additional canals (MB2) 

  • Master the skills required to repair perforations, remove posts and manage teeth with open apices

  • Summarise the indications and contraindications for re-treatment or surgical approaches to provide the best treatment options for your patients

Other Information

This course requires practitioners to collect and access four (4) extracted posterior teeth. Practitioners are also encouraged to bring their loupes on the day. Further details will be provided upon registering.

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