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The fully edentulous patient suffers from significant psychosocial effects from tooth loss, that is disabling and a physical handicap. This can lower self confidence and self image, with a need to keep tooth loss a secret. The ability to transform patients oral function and aesthetics can be life changing. Dr Christopher Ho will outline the diagnosis and treatment planning involved in a comprehensive course on full arch implant prosthodontics. This will involve a comprehensive clinical evaluation assessing the restorative space, transition line, dento-facial aesthetics, phonetics, and occlusal vertical dimension.

Learn the clinical techniques required for both removable and fixed options for treatment, with clinical examples highlighting the steps required for the treatment sequence. There are a myriad of different treatment concepts from the single implant over denture to all on 4 treatment concept. In an evidence based manner the different concepts will be explained and guide you to the indications for each patient, whether it may be an all on 4 concept or require the addition of more implants to support fixed bridgework. 

Learning Objectives

  • Perform a clinical examination and treatment plan for edentulous jaws
  • The importance of the clinical evaluation understanding 
    • The restorative space 
    • Transition line and lip support 
    • Dentofacial aesthetics and OVD 
    • Phonetics 
    • Bone quantity required 
    • Numbers of implants 
  • Understanding the use of removable over- dentures with outline of the different clinical techniques from implant retained to implant supported overdentures
  • Be familiar with different techniques and materials for the fixed implant reconstructions
  • Understanding osseoperception and occlusal philosophy to manage for long term success
  • Care, maintenance and management of any complications  
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Implant Prosthodontics for the Fully Edentulous

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