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Enhanced Endodontics
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Pivotal technologic advancements practically applied for better endodontic outcomes

Contemporary endodontics has seen unprecedented advances in diagnostic imaging, instruments, and materials. These advancements have led to evidence-validated improvements in endodontic treatment outcomes.   

This course will show participants how to effectively integrate important technologic advancements into daily practice to improve endodontic treatment outcomes. Advances in endodontic imaging, instrumentation, root canal disinfection, root filling, and materials will be discussed.

Clinical techniques will be demonstrated via microscope assisted clinical video. This course includes an extensive hands-on component for the participants.


Topics include

  • Predictable techniques for obtaining 2D endodontic radiographs using the most practical film/sensor holders and foldable rubber dam frame. 
  • Application of high-resolution CBCT (3D) imaging in endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning: A new standard of care.
  • Modern paradigms in endodontic access and directed dentine conservation (hands-on).
  • Advanced instrumentation and obturation systems: How to best use highly flexible NiTi files manufactured from martensitic alloy (hands on): How to consistently produce high quality root fillings using thermoplastic obturation techniques (hands-on).
  • Strategies to enhance endodontic irrigation to achieve more thorough disinfection of complex root canal anatomy, including application of laser technology (hands-on). 
  • Incorporating calcium silicate based materials (MTA and bioceramics) into practice, including obturation, perforation repair, and vital pulp therapy. 


Learning Objectives

  • Know how to successfully image any part of the dentition. 
  • Apply CBCT (3D) imaging to facilitate endodontic diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Understand the principles of dentine conservation in modern endodontics and how this can enhance long-term tooth survival. 
  • Understand the advantages, principles, and practical aspects of martensitic NiTi file systems. 
  • Apply techniques to enhance endodontic irrigation and obturation.
  • Understand the application of MTA and bioceramics in modern endodontics. 


Other Information

This course requires practitioners to collect and prepare access cavities on two-three (2-3) extracted teeth. Practitioners are also encouraged to bring their loupes on the day. Further details will be provided in your course confirmation email.

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Enhanced Endodontics

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