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Marketing your dental practice to attract the right kind of patients, to keep them active and to ensure they refer you to their contacts to retain them and reactivate them is no easy task. You realise that marketing your practice is getting harder as there are more and more ways to market your dental practice. The rapid changes in online marketing are forever changing and it is almost impossible to keep up.

Therefore, you want to be able to focus your main energy on running your dental practice. You want to know that you are using the right marketing tools and techniques to ensure that you are attracting the right new patients, and creating a long term relationship with them.

The course covers a 9-step systematic process in marketing a dental practice that when done correctly, ensure that dental professionals will not only have an understanding of what they could be doing to successfully market their practice but also enable them to plan, track and execute marketing campaigns in an eff ective manner.
The following are the 9-steps to build your relationships with your patients and to successfully market your dental practice:
STEP 1. Get back to basics
STEP 2. Start with a plan
STEP 3. Build the right foundation
STEP 4. Attract the right patients
STEP 5. Reactivate and retain your existing patients
STEP 6. Build your referrals
STEP 7. Learn to listen
STEP 8. Build your relationships, partners and profi le
STEP 9. Remember to review, refl ect, revise and retry


Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to help dental professionals better understand how to effectively market their practice, build long term relationships with their patients and take the hard work out of dental marketing. The course will review real examples of dental marketing. You can submit your marketing materials prior to the event to have your elements of your marketing reviewed at the course.

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