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Realistic and practical solutions for assessment, treatment planning, restoration and maintenance

As our population ages and our patients expect to maintain the dentition into their senior years, a range of adaptable management strategies are required to help meet the various demands and clinical situations. This presentation will focus on the preservation and restoration of tooth structure and how in general dental practice we can assist our patients to retain, and where necessary, restore their teeth to ensure an ongoing healthy, functional and aesthetic dentition.

Topics include

Baby boomers and beyond – Australia’s ageing population
  • Changing demographics
  • Disease burden
  • Risk factors
Treatment planning and restorative management of the ageing patient and the ageing dentition
  • Appropriate and realistic treatment planning for the elderly
  • Managing risk factors and protecting vulnerable teeth
  • Conservative restorative strategies for fragile teeth
  • Pragmatic aesthetics and occlusion for the elderly
Cognitive decline – management of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Seattle Care pathway
  • Understanding dementia
  • Management of patients with dementia
“Herodontics” – alternative options for restorative management for the debilitated and destroyed dentition 
  • Expectations and limitations of restorative materials
  • Stretching the envelope - Outside of the box restorations 
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of the ageing patient

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluation of the ageing patient demographic and their oral environment risks
  • Preparing the oral environment of the recently old for their advancing age Developing appropriate treatment plans and plausible outcomes
  • Understanding selection and use of adhesive restorative materials
  • Determine the relative benefits and limitations of different restorative management strategies
  • Practical clinical tips and tricks to optimise outcomes


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