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Reducing significant risk in private practice

There are four significant areas of legal risk for dental practitioners. AHPRA, Third Party Risk, Contracts and Employment Law are all issues that if not addressed can stop you practising, or at least cause significant harm to the continued operation of the practice. What if you were derecognised by a Health Fund that pays for most of your work; or if you could not practice as you wanted because of conditions that the public could find with a simple google search; or if you were restrained by a sale of contract from working where you want; or if you faced a Leave and Superannuation bill of many thousands you could not pay?

Topics include

Each of these areas of risk will be assessed;
  • AHPRA actions and preventive strategies in clinical records
  • Health Fund Audits
  • Contractual Issues with Sale of Practice and Restraint, and
  • Employment Law and the Fair Work Act

Learning Objectives

Attendees will gain an appreciation of these risks and how to address and minimise these risks in their practices though checklists and processes.

Some simple details and consistent systems can prevent the catastrophic events in practice. This half day lecture will help you identify and minimise these risks.


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